The evolution of farm to table and code to customer

Restaurants deliver delicious food while we deliver amazing products to our customers. How can DevOps evolve to deliver software to customers faster than ever before? We’ll take cues from the past, the present, and look to the future of DevOps while drawing inspiration from the restaurant industry.

We’ll start by going over the history of DevOps culture with a jump to the past in the 90s all the way into today. There will be some comparisons to another career familiar to the speaker who has a background in the restaurant industry where the talk title originates from. You’ll learn about apprenticeships, diversity, and you career in DevOps while being more consistent in delivering software to your customers by drawing inspiration from the restaurant industry.



Aaron Kalin

Aaron Kalin is a Site Reliability Engineer who works with DNSimple to maintain their fleet of DNS servers. Aaron believes in simple, sustainable deployment and testing of software to deliver great ...