Build applications to run anywhere and manage them throughout their lifecycle with Habitat

Habitat builds and manages modern applications following the practices and principles of modern application teams. Build applications of any flavor, from microservices to traditional applications. Deploy applications in any operational environment from bare metal to containers. Habitat provides consistent, repeatable, auditable applications that lower operational complexity and simplify development workflows.

This hands-on workshop is for anyone involved in building, deploying, or managing applications. The workshop will give you experience running and building applications with Habitat and describe the application-first approach that Habitat provides. Find out more at


  • Shifts in modern applications - Introduction to Habitat
  • Set up your workstation
  • Set up Habitat Builder
  • Build & deploy a Node.js application with Habitat

Technical Requirements: Participants should bring a wifi-enabled laptop to the workshop. Participants will be given a remote workstation with all prerequisites installed. The only thing required to access these workstations will be an SSH client (PuTTY on Windows) and familiarity with a interactive text editor (Vi/Vim, Emacs, or Nano).



Eric Calabretta

Eric is a Sr. Solutions Architect at Chef Software, based in Chicago. He has been in the IT Industry for over 14 years including time with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, FirstEnergy and The Timken Company.