Jack Maher

Jack Maher, MSIS, PMP, CAL is a digital leader who has deep experience in leading transformations of teams, technologies, and organizations in the delivery of technology solutions making them faster, better, and cheaper. As a former analyst, developer, architect, and project manager Jack has walked the walk and knows what it is to develop and deliver a technology solution.

Jack is currently the Director of Build Methodology at Nationwide leading the development and deployment of ASDm, Nationwide’s next generation technology solution development processes. ASDm leverages standard work and pull oriented work flow processes that implement DevOps and applies Lean and Agile thinking and practices across the SDLC and infrastructure value stream.

Jack is also co-author of “Standing On Shoulders: A Leader’s Guide to Digital Transformation”, available later this year from Simon & Schuster. “Standing On Shoulders” approaches must be practical and focused on the breadth of Agile, Lean, and DevOps. Unfortunately, they tend to be dealt with individually; and it is usually not clear how each of these are necessary but alone are not sufficient to avoid market disruption of your business. The focus should be on how to build an employee AND customer obsessed culture with an organizational structure that drives speed and efficiency while leveraging technology to enable speed to market that is safer, better and cheaper. A successful Digital Transformation plan addresses the elements of process, culture, and technology; and provides information and rationale (“What” and “Why”) to build business cases that will get ‘buy in’ at all levels, and the resources needed to start the transformational journey. It also includes Appendices with How To guidance on several key activities needed to be successful; such as a lightweight design think model and value stream mapping, with direct access to resources for execution.

More at https://StandingOnShoulders.us

Jack Maher at Columbus 2018

Jack Maher