Using Tools to Build a Culture

Over the years, I have been involved in several decisions about tooling. While «it’s all about culture» is a common saying, I’m a firm believer that not only do the tools you choose form your company culture, but your culture should also be a part of the decision when you choose your toolset. That is: just because one company is successfully using a particular tool, it will not necessarily work well in your environment. In this ignite talk, I’m going to explore a few of the things you want to consider, and how your tool-decisions might have an impact on your organization.

Slides from Ander's talk:

Click here to check the slides from this talk at DevOpsDays Copenhagen 2018!



Anders Bruvik

Anders is an infrastructure engineer at the nordic cloud provider Safespring. Before that, he spent years in different technical and management positions at a large Norwegian university where he ...