How to Foster a DevOps Culture

I often hear folks say “it’s really challenging to work in a collaborative environment”.

During this talk, I will share some success (and failure) in creating a DevOps culture throughout my career and also patterns which are symptomatic of a non DevOps culture.

Allowing your team to have access to a server; getting the QA, Ops and Developers to sit and work together; the ability to deploy your code to production without going through a 4h conference call. These are some of the struggles I had to face when I was working on my last project. On some teams, I have managed to successfully accomplish that. On others, it was a complete failure. Throughout this talk, I will help you identify symptoms of a non DevOps culture, and share some of my experiences (both positive and negative) at attempting to bring in elements of the culture to a team. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes and apply the learnings on your team.

Slides from Thien-An's talk:

Click here to check the slides from this talk at DevOpsDays Copenhagen 2018!



Thien-An Mac


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