Tool Selection in DevOps Pipeline - Art or Science?


There are myriad tools in the DevOps pipeline. The tools are a big part of building the DevOps Pipeline. However, how do you select the tools?

This talk will help explain the importance of tool selection, categories to look and what factors to consider toolset selection. Do you select the tool which you saw at the latest conference? Or do you do a PoC? How does this work in my environment? Look forward to answering some of these questions and how you like to build the right toolchain environment.

And are tools the only factor in DevOps? Look beyond tools towards automation and culture to really deliver benefit of DevOps.




Khurrum Khan

Khurrum Khan leads New Account sales for Newt Global and is focused on Customer success. The focus is in bringing productivity increases and reduced RoI through a strong emphasis on Cloud, DevOps and ...