No jobs for humans: How to survive and thrive the transition to the all robot workforce.

Many experts believed driving was too complex to be automated, yet here we are with self driving taxis, cars, and trucks. The robots are coming for drivers - and they are coming for you too. No matter what your job, a robot WILL do it. They will be stronger, faster, and smarter than you. They will be better writers, better doctors, and run companies more effectively.

We can delay the inevitable by shutting down borders and subsidizing losing industries, but we will not stop robots from replacing human labor (nor should we). The challenge is in the transition from a human labor to the robot run economy. Many people will struggle to find new places for their skills, and the result could be increased income inequality, increased violence, and an uprooted sense of self.

In this talk, we’ll explore our responsibility as technologists to be aware of and address this inevitable transition to a robot labor force.



AJ Davis


AJ Davis is a user advocate and product leader. AJ founded Metricrux after watching companies stumble to understand customer behavior. Metricrux combines user research and A/B testing to identify user