Scaling CI/CD

So you’ve done it. Your team of developers has finally gotten hooked on CI/CD pipelines. Last week you had a few and all of the sudden it seems like you could use a pipeline for everything. Whether you use Jenkins, TeamCity, or open source solutions like GoCD, there are certain growing pains that come with increasing the number of pipelines and CI/CD servers to support your team(s). While some pains are common to most infrastructure, others are more unique this specific tool; after all it is a service that quickly becomes a developer’s lifeline for pushing code. This talk focuses on supporting CI/CD as a service so that a generalized enough built to scale for an organization can also fit radically different developer teams with different needs. So whether you’re just getting started or already expanding your CI/CD operations, this talk will cover important points that need to be taken into consideration.



Christine Rohacz

I am a software engineer consultant at ThoughtWorks that specializes in infrastructure engineering, incident response, and site reliability. I have not been in the field for long, but I’ve been around ...