Your Company Will Be Different Next Year: DevOps, Teamwork and the Cloud

In 2015, DHI Group (with our primary product of the technology recruiting site) made a decision to go “all in” on moving our business to the cloud (Amazon Web Services). In some ways, we viewed this as a continuation of the strategy we had been pursuing with some of our other brands and sites that we had either acquired already running on the AWS platform, or through some projects supporting international customers. We were also well aware that the skills and operational processes that had been developed over the course of 20+ years of supporting a public facing web application would be different at the end of a 2 year project. In this talk, we’ll go through how we migrated our organization to the cloud and how we needed to create a new culture in order to accomplish a successful migration to the public cloud.



Chad Thompson

Chad Thompson is a manager of systems engineering at DHI Group, Inc., leading operations and reliability engineering for and supporting websites. Chad has a deep background in implementing ...