Does DevOps need Continuous Testing?

Organizations turn to DevOps to increase value and improve the customer experience by maximizing the speed of delivery without sacrificing quality. DevOps delivers by implementing continuous delivery pipeline, which requires continuous testing. But just what is continuous testing? Continuous testing requires not only continuous risk analysis, process improvement and automation throughout the development process; but also developing a culture in which the entire team is responsible for quality. Continuous testing is an approach to managing risk by focusing not only on eliminating testing bottlenecks but more importantly, increasing the effectiveness of our test processes. In this presentation, I will provide the fundamentals of implementing continuous testing from development into production.

You’ll learn to streamline the test process by defining and eliminating testing bottlenecks in every stage of the delivery pipeline. You’ll learn how to develop a multi-layered test strategy that includes not only all the types and levels of testing required including unit, integration, functional, exploratory, automated, but also, the strategy for incorporating testing into the continuous integration pipeline. Finally, we’ll discuss the important of monitoring in production and amplifying feedback loops for continuous improvement.



Gerie Owen

Gerie Owen is a Test Architect who specializes in developing and managing test teams. She has implemented various Quality Assurance methodology models, and has developed, trained and mentored new ...