Getting Observability out of your Monitoring System

When it comes to monitoring your infrastructure, the word “observability” is showing up frequently in industry press. Chances are good you already have the beginnings of a system to enable observability in your system. You already have a monitoring system, how can this be extended to support observability?

This talk will cover how monitoring relates to observability and the different but related missions these two systems support. Famous monitoring tools like Nagios, Icinga, Solarwinds, and Xenoss all support monitoring, and may support observability as well. Less obvious monitoring tools like Logstash and Greylog support it even better.

Observability systems can require one, two, or even three orders of magnitude of resources beyond what your monitoring system requires, so we will also cover ways to keep the costs down!



Jamie Riedesel

Jamie Riedesel is a DevOps Engineer at HelloSign and has been performing acts of systems administration and engineering since 1997. She moved from corporate IT to the startup space in 2010 and ...