Why you Should Give Microsoft Dev Technologies a(nother) Look

If you still spell Microsoft with a dollar ($) sign, think the technology platform responds to change as quickly as the Titanic, or still associate Microsoft with Visual Basic 6 (shudder), this ignite talk is for you. In this entertaining and rapid-fire session, we’ll show how Microsoft has embraced Agile, DevOps and open-source practices to innovate faster, engage the dev community, and work on making the “right” products. Then we’ll share how Principal is leveraging the Microsoft stack to advance our own DevOps journey.



Matt Ring

Matt leads the enterprise .NET development service at Principal, is a recovering .NET developer, and is passionate about agile, lean and XP practices. When not focusing on the Microsoft developer ...john-van-roekel

John Van Roekel

John’s not that great, he’s mostly here for the free food. John works with Matt doing .NET developer support, where he gets to help people find and understand tools that will help them develop ...