The Future of Ops

Traditional Operations isn’t going away, it’s just retooling. The move from on-premise to cloud means Ops, in the classical sense, is largely being outsourced to cloud providers. What’s left is a thin but crucial slice between cloud providers and the products built by development teams, encompassing infrastructure and deployment automation, configuration management, log management, and monitoring and instrumentation—all through the lens of self-service.

Join me as I share my vision for the future of Operations as an organizational competency and how it relates to DevOps. We will discuss where industry practices are headed while sharing some real-world stories—the good and the bad—of applying these practices at Workiva. The intended outcome of this talk is to leave listeners with a better understanding of what an effective modern engineering organization looks like, including patterns and best practices, and the path to reaching it. The end goal is an organization which delivers value to customers reliably, efficiently, and continuously.

Ops is dead, long live Ops!



Tyler Treat

Tyler Treat is a Managing Partner at Real Kinetic where he helps companies build cloud software. At Apcera, Tyler worked on NATS, an open-source, high-performance messaging system for cloud-native ...