I Want you to review my code: Reducing the barriers to code review with annotations

Code reviews can be a challenge to solicit for. Part of the reason for can be intimidation, or lack of confidence. As code authors, we want to reduce the barriers to getting a confident code review. My solution: The annotated code review! A simple process that's got data supporting its strength as a way to reduce code defects, making for a smoother review process.

Introducing the subject with a story from a past workplace, where we experienced a major security incident as the result of code going un-reviewed, I will walk the audience through the process of annotating their pull requests, with some tips on what makes for a good annotation.

Attendees should leave with a new tool in their toolbelt, and an eagerness to turn their pull requests into curated, guided experiences, making for a confident & smooth review from any peer.


Andrew Gardner

I'm a Canadian Software Engineer working at PagerDuty in the Bay Area. I bike, cook veg food, and dabble in making video games in my spare time. I'm hugely fond of “slow” travel (trains SPEAKERBIO boats!)