Adopting SRE in Enterprise Organizations, local journey

In this talk we will first review the core tenants of SRE based on the Google Definition, covering aspects such as SLIs/SLOs, Error Budgets, Capacity Planning, Availability, Monitoring etc. Post introduction we will focus on the different adoptions of SRE, making comparisons between Google and Netflix or Soundcloud, highlighting that its not a 1 size fits all. The main section of our talk will discuss the journey we took as a Business Unit in Cisco to go from Waterfall Based to DevOps & SRE, expanding on some of the hurdles, mistakes and wins along the way, hitting areas such as Dev/SRE breakdown and rotation, OnCall, Full Auto deploy, Proactive monitoring/observability etc.. We will wrap up with our plans on how to improve the process with areas such as Smarter Paging, Wheel of Misfortune/Wargames etc. and throw in some anomaly stories to boot.




Kevin Connaughton

Kevin Connaughton, Cisco Galway. Lots of roles in lots of large multinationals in lots of countries over a 20+ career, but with a common thread of Technical Customer Care running through all. 8+ years ...arron-forde

Arron Forde

Arron Forde is a Software Developer turned Operations Team Co-ordinator with 7 years experience at Cisco Galway. Interests in new technolgies and tools that provide improvements to software ...