At, Site Reliability That Plants Trees is the search engine that uses its ad revenue to plant trees. Search engine users have come to expect perfect reliability, which is challenging for a small engineering team of ten developers, with only two focusing on infrastructure. In order for the team to practice Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), including a balance between projects and toil, the developers designed a a self-service production platform based on Kubernetes which is simple to maintain, easy to extend, and provides a developer toolkit with sane defaults. This talk will highlight how Ecosia leverages this platform in addition to open-source software like Bazel, Jsonnet, and Prometheus, to provide simple tooling, user-focused monitoring, and a software ownership culture. This infrastructure effort helps the Ecosia developers measure and achieve their primary metric - trees planted per second.



Jason Gwartz

Jason Gwartz is a software developer at in Berlin, where he focuses on backend development and infrastructure. Originally from Canada, Jason has also lived in London, Amsterdam, and cut his ...