Connectivity-as-code – The advance or demise of DevNetOps?

Today’s enterprises need to quickly act to meet customer demands to maintain their competitive edge. In response, applications have been rearchitected for speed, agility and innovation based on serverless compute or containers. Legacy networks are incompatible. Only application-specific connectivity-as-code can deliver networks at the speed of modern business. Will this cause the advance or demouse of DevNetOps.

App-Specific, connectivity-as-code enables businesses to instantly, securely and reliably connect applications and containers across any set of clouds, networks and devices. It embeds the connectivity directly into the application or container and uses a network overlay on the public internet – meaning north-south connectivity as part of the infrastructure-as-code using APIs, DevOps tools and not building any physical infrastructure (‘networkless connectivity’).. While organizations will experiment with for creating a DevNetOps teams and other will roll it all into DevOps or DevSecOps. Either way, the direction is networkless connectivity as part of the complete infrastructure-as-code.

Connectivity-as-code allow a new art of the possible where developers and apps are no longer handcuffed by networks they don't control. Now we just need to decide who manages the connectivity-as-code 😊



Philip Griffiths

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