Run Less Software

How do you build a $1B product when time and resources are scarce? Intercom’s Rich Archbold says the solution is to do more with less, a strategy he calls “Run Less Software.” Our capacity as engineers is limited, and no one wants to spend their time on arbitrary tools that aren’t core to the business. Rich will tell you how your teams can utilize the run less software philosophy to optimise for speed, simplicity and total cost of ownership. This strategy has helped Intercom become one of the fastest growing SaaS companies of all time in just a few years. From implementing standard software tools to outsourcing the heavy lift, “run less software” is meant to free up your teams to solve big problems and create better products your customers will love.




Rich Archbold

Richard Archbold is Senior Engineering Director at Intercom, a highly successful and fast growing Irish technology startup company that provides customer communication software to Internet businesses. ...