DevSecOps in the Enterprise

DevSecOps is all the rage, but what does it really mean in todays world…

What real-world problems are solved through DevSecOps?

How do we do Security/Compliance and Governance in a DevOps methodology. How do we deliver compliance in a scalable way? How do we avoid, detect and respond to security vulnerabilities while still maintaining maximum Velocity? How do we organize teamsour teams?

This talk will provide detailed information as to what is happening in DevSecOps in large and medium enterprises, and how we have solved some of these issues through innovative strategies around process, culture and of course Tools.

  • Process in DevSecOps
  • Culture for DevSecOps
  • Tools for DevSecOps



David Stacy

David Stacy is an AWS Professional Services Consultant who is on the bleeding edge of defining what DevSecOps means in large enterprises. David has worked for AWS for three years, and as an heavily ...