Building a Resilient Future Faster

Over the last year, I’ve dedicated much of my energy to building out the SRE efforts at VictorOps.

During that time, I documented the entire process and have uncovered a rich set of ideas and questions that should help any team and company begin their own journey towards improved Site Reliability

Without prescribing a specific path towards SRE, I can share the path that we took at VictorOps.. including the questions we had, the conversations that came from them, the result of our efforts, and what remains ahead of us as we continuous improve our SRE efforts.

I’ll outline a simple formula that nearly every team and organization can apply to begin their own journey.



Jason Hand


Serving as a DevOps Champion and advisor to VictorOps (, Jason Hand writes, presents, and coaches on the principles and nuance of DevOps and modern incident management practices. Named