Immutable Infrastructure Without the Cloud

Immutable infrastructure is a practice most commonly associated with public cloud workloads to eliminate the need to manage servers as pets. This talk walks through creating immutable on-prem workloads to provide the same benefits as well as greatly simplify the migration of workloads to the cloud.

The goal of the presentation is to provide an end to end example of how immutable infrastructure coupled with a CI/CD process can reduce template sprawl, simplify security patching and provide an audit trail for templates.

  • What is Immutable infrastructure?
  • Common traditional use cases
  • More advanced use cases such as database and file servers
  • What is CI/CD?
  • Building out a CI/CD pipeline for template management
  • Provision and reprovision infrastructure with immutable images
  • Track template usage and version changes

At the conclusion of the session attendees should walk away with a roadmap of how to transition to a robust template pipeline creation process that enables them to swap out VMs seamlessly at the push of a button.



Martez Reed

Cloud Engineer with experience building automation solutions encompassing Jenkins, Puppet, Terraform, Docker and various other DevOps tools. A passion for educating others on all things technology and ...