Success Story: How using DevOps Practices Saved our Project

Tight deadlines and an extraordinarily complex mission critical project needed help and fast. Recognizing at the inception of the project that the only way to successfully get through this project was to automate as much repetitive workload as humanly possible. We needed our project team focused on building new capabilities for our customer and not getting bogged down with what would normally be a very time consuming task. The deliverable was a preconfigured virtual machine that was going to need to be built, tested and scanned many times over during the development cycle. The problem staring us directly in the face was that there were many components of the solution that fed into the build process of this server and they all needed to converge into one single deliverable. By using automation and continuous integration practices we were able to construct an automated process that allowed us to reliably and repeatably build the project deliverable in less than 20 minutes. In this talk we will cover the technical aspects of how we accomplished this as well as describing how this solution ultimately contributed to the overall success of the project.



Shawn Hall

Shawn Hall has almost 20 years of IT experience developing solutions that have been delighting customers most of those years. During his career he has been involved in every aspect of software ...