The Human Side of Microservices

“Organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations”

— Melvin Conway, 1967

Microservices is an architectural shift, a huge topic that demands change in every aspect of software delivery. It is also more than a technical problem — your microservices architecture can be as solid and efficient as your team communication. In fact, microservices is not an architectural choice at all. It’s a way dictated by the psychology of your team. It’s a power struggle and it’s guided by the behavioral patterns of the people who implement it – the Generation Y.

This talk describes the human aspect of implementing a microservices approach, and how this affects team communication.



Armagan Amcalar


Armagan is the Head of Software Engineering at unu GmbH, and is currently working on building the infrastucture for the future of mobility.

A software architect well versed in both the backend and