DevOps practice in Nonprofit

DevOps practice in nonprofit and how we develop and deploy software to resource-constrained device

Web and commercial space is overrated, there are many other computation that also make a good cause become possible. In this talk I will talk about how we work at nonprofit organization with distributed team consist of developer, volunteer, intern, leaders. This is taken from my background as volunteer in the team. Then we will have a biggest part of the talk discussing about how we employ docker to package our application to resource-constrained and low power device to be deploy in our field (remote area with limited electricity and internet). We create our own linux distro which has some tools embedded for Raspberry Pi. Infrastructure-as-code is somewhat unique in this arena. In this talk we will close our talk with some lesson learned that commercial space can learn from nonprofit like us. How we appreciate contribution accross project. How to attract people to automagically contribute. And many other stuffs. Hope you enjoy.

Why would this talk be a good fit for the DevOpsDays audience?

I believe many speaker will talk about software in commercial space, in this talk by sharing lesson learned and technique we employ in non-profit space I believe we can learn from each other and give diversity and different perspective to the audience.

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Abdurrachman Mappuji

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