The Universe as Code

The Universe as Code - What Programming Can Teach us about Maths, Science and Philosophy.

The topic for ‘DevOpsDays’ is ‘Everything as code’. You can’t get more ‘everything’ than the universe! In this presentation I’m going to step away from containers, orchestration and servers to talk about what programming can teach us about maths, science and philosophy. This presentation probably isn’t going to help you build or manage systems, but it should excite and interest those who are curious about the big questions!

Why would this talk be a good fit for the DevOpsDays audience?

DevOpsDays always has a lot of technical topics, which is great for the audience. But it can be nice to mix in some more esoteric stuff. In this presentation I create a small universe as code, and describe what it is that we learn from building a simple system like this. No academic background is required, but I will take the audience on a quick tour of some of the fascinating topics that this system touches on, from the Theory of Everything, to Chaos Theory, Logic and Godel’s Theorem.

While this talk will not teach any technical skills, I think it will thought provoking and interesting to the audience, and might provide an interesting change of pace from the more practical topics.

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Dave Kerr


I am an engineer and technology consultant for McKinsey & Company. I’ve worked all around the world helping clients build better systems and create better organisations for engineers.