Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar is an Agile practitioner, Full stack developer and an experienced technology consultant who has extensive knowledge in implementing software development projects. Talented & technically-astute, with expertise in designing solutions, code reviews for best optimization of code. Experienced in Agile Engineering practices and DevOps implementation. He has academic degree in Engineering, Business Administration and Psychology. He is a strong promoter of happiness at work. He is interested in Agile leadership & scaling up scrum to cater the needs of large organizations. He is a geek and strongly believes in best engineering practices for software development. He strives to create a happy work place where the people can enjoy doing their job.


  • Speaker at Agile Vietnam conference 2016 – Vietnam, 2016 [Topic: Are you innovative? A shift from vertical thinking to creative thinking]
  • Speaker at Discuss Agile Conference – Jakarta, 2016 [Topic: Leaders ignite the intrinsic motivation of people]
  • Speaker at Agile Tour Singapore, 2015 conference [Topic: Are we losing Humanity in this machine era?].
  • Speaker at Agile Tour Vietnam (Da Nang City), 2015 conference [Topic: Behavior driven Development].
  • Speaker at Agile Tour Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), 2015 conference [Topic: Behavior driven Development].
  • Speaker at Regional Scrum Gathering, Vietnam, 2015 conference [Topic: Scrum – why, why not, what stops?].
  • Speaker at Agile Vietnam community meet up, Jan 2016 [Topic: Management 3.0 – Feedback wrap]

Rajesh Kumar at Jakarta 2018