Starting from failure, TDD for your infrastructure (Room 1M)

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a practice that helps to design software by writing the requirements as tests before any real “code” has been written. It has historically been limited to software development. However, with the rise of infrastructure as code (IaC) in the past few years, this practice is starting to be used for infrastructure automation as well. Changes can be made with confidence by making sure tests continue to pass and by addressing edge cases as they are encountered by adding new tests.

This workshop will introduce participants to utilizing TDD in their infrastructure development. By the end of the workshop, users will have a fully tested Terraform module that serves a webpage.

A working knowledge of Terraform will help participants get more out of this workshop.



Cullen McDermott

Senior DevOps Engineer at New Context Cullen is a Sr. DevOps Engineer at New Context. He started off as an infrastructure engineer before realizing that he also enjoyed developing and automating ...kyle-sexton

Kyle Sexton

Your Friendly Neighborhood Emacs User Kyle Sexton is an Engineering Manager at New Context, where he works with clients to help them address technical, cultural and organizational challenges. He is an ...