Un-tagling the mess of the service mesh (Room 1L)

It's the year of the service mesh. The promise of decoupling network and security services from the infrastructure, introducing automation, and enabling quick delivery of network services in scalable environments. Should you care about it? Is it too complex to implement? In this workshop we will go through a complete service mesh installation and application delivery through a set of repeatable steps. Using the Istio service mesh as a base we will deploy a multi-availability zone service mesh and demonstrate the power of the security, observability, and traffic management benefits. We will demonstrate how to integrate with non-mesh environments and consume external API services, while maintaining the same flexibility. We will discuss how the concepts can provide a common visibility pane that enables DevOps teams to understand how policy decisions can affect applications, and infrastructure. We will also demonstrate how we can couple security policy to the service mesh to derive a common view for SecDevOps teams. This will be an interactive workshop.



Dimitri Stiliadis

CTO, Aporeto Inc Dimitri leads Aporeto’s technology vision. He brings a multidisciplinary background in distributed systems, security and networking and has been the inventor of several ...