Go With The Flow - An exercise in optimizing your delivery pipeline (Room 1N)

Even the most awesome tools and practices are useless if you can’t consistently deliver value. This simulation will give you a simple way to experience and demonstrate the importance of optimizing the flow of work through your organization and the items you need to run it with your teams back home.

Whether your organization makes software or widgets, it is important to focus on how efficiently you deliver. DevOps coupled with Agile principles provide powerful tools and approaches for creating value, but your work must be optimized to actually deliver that value efficiently and quickly.

In this workshop, each table will simulate an organization doing some simple work that will let us run experiments and track statistics. The goal is to simulate work in such a way that we can see how changes impact the value being delivered at both the departmental level and the organization level. This simulation will give participants a chance to think holistically about the way value is delivered through their own organizations. Participants will leave with the ability to run the simulation with their teams back home to help foster discussion on how to best optimize their own delivery process.



Mark Shead

President of Xeric Corporation Mark Shead is the president of Xeric Corporation where he helps organizations increase their return on investment in software development. He has worked extensively as a ...