DevOps, Diving, or Death....Choose 2!

This talk is intended for DevOps practitioners who would like to find new and creative ways to tackle their IT challenges. We’ll do this by comparing DevOps and cave diving, and looking at how you can apply strategies learned in one to the other. Cave diving is often considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world, yet some people still do it safely and enjoyably. DevOps pushes technology by making changes quickly, frequently, and often to large scale - isn’t that risky too? Everything we do has risks and challenges; mitigating those risks and facing the challenges head-on can not only make activities safe, but also teaches valuable skills we can carry into other aspects of our lives. IT isn’t a vacuum, so we shouldn’t only draw our inspiration and solutions from the IT world. By the end of the talk, hopefully you’ll be excited and inspired to look at your own hobbies and interests for innovative solutions to problems you’re dealing with at work.



Matt Blasinski

University of Wisconsin - Madison A graduate of UW-Madison’s Computer Science department, Matt Blasinski has been part of the Messaging Team at UW’s Division of Information of Technology (DoIT) for ...