Chocolatey Packaging Workshop (Room 1P)

You can't spell DevOps without package management. What constitutes a package is different in most folks minds when it comes to Windows. Come learn how to properly package software into packages with Chocolatey. Hundreds of organizations have turned to Chocolatey due to its extreme flexibility, common sense approaches, and building on well-known technologies like PowerShell. Even certain groups at Microsoft use Chocolatey!

When shifting from traditional methods of software deployment to packaging, there is a bit of a learning curve. We'll introduce you to the right concepts and get you set up over the course of 4-8 hours for success with automating Windows software management.

We are going to cover from basic to advanced techniques to manage even the most unruly software. In this workshop you will get hands on experience with:

  • Creating packages
  • Internalizing existing community packages
  • Setting up an internal repository
  • Extension packages
  • Template packages
  • Handling package parameters
  • Automating bad installers



Rob Reynolds

Chocolatey Software Rob is the founder of Chocolatey Software and the creator of Chocolatey. He’s been helping organizations find the best approaches to software management for over 10 years and ...