Alexa Skills: From Rubbish to Publish (Room 1M)

Get that Alexa skill out of your head and into the marketplace.

We'll talk about:

  • How to develop your utterances and decide to use strict variable matching.
  • How to test for potential synonym drift when using a not using strict matching.
  • How to deploy multi-file lambdas, and discuss Java cold starts and warmers and * if that should effect your programing language of choice.
  • What the jury is looking for and best practices for skill coding.
  • How to troubleshoot and test using the phone app or the

By the time you are done with this workshop, you have the necessary know-how to get your app past the jury and into the marketplace! Notes and comments

The plan is to make this an active workshop. You'll need your laptop, (or some coding device,) your aws account and a Alexa developer account. Everything else we'll have in class.

An alexa on your phone may help, but is not necessary.

Let's have fun!



Stephanie Hicks


Coder. Puzzler. Solver. Embracing the DevOps revolution. Voice tech enthusiast and avid consumer of AR -VR. Interested in AI, Machine Learning and “the cloud”.

I've been coding since I was