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Our local team

Doris Weßels


Dr. Doris Weßels is professor of business information systems at the University of Applied Sciences in Kiel. She studied mathematics and computer sciences, business and economics. Her main research and teaching areas are within network-oriented and inter-organizational project and knowledge management, entrepreneurship management and future work. Furthermore, she is founder and leader of the IPMA-GPM regional group in Schleswig-Holstein and board member of the cluster management “Digital Economy Schleswig-Holstein”.

Jerome Güls


Jerome is a communicative 30-year-old Account Manager, living and working in Hamburg. Not only to understand the needs and challenges of his customers and to meet their demands, he is interested in IT topics. He enjoys talking to CTOs, project managers and other seniors to always find the best solution to integrate young people in IT projects and departments.

Maik Wojcieszak


Maik Wojcieszak is co-founder of wobe-systems GmbH. As an author of various articles he shares his experience in network protocol design, system automation and parallel processing. Under the umbrella of the cluster “Digital Economy Schleswig-Holstein” he is founder and leader of the open business workgroup.


Oliver Dissars


Oliver is co-founder of wobe-systems GmbH. His experience as a consultant helps international customers to improve their business. Targeting the relation of system automation and business development in industrial production, he is a valuable counterpart while developing new ideas.

Sabine Wojcieszak


Sabine works as Enthusiastic Agile & Devops Enabler at getNext IT. She helps companies in the tech industry to improve team communication, soft skills, culture and leadership. She is an experienced speaker at international conferences and author of many articles and blog posts on these issues.


Wilhelm Hasselbring


Prof. Dr. Wilhelm (Willi) Hasselbring is professor of Software Engineering at Kiel University. In the competence cluster Software Systems Engineering (KoSSE), he coordinates technology transfer projects with (local) industry. In the excellence cluster Future Ocean, a large-scale collaborative project of Kiel University and GEOMAR, he is principal investigator and coordinator of the research area Ocean Observations.


Wolfgang Bär


Wolfgang Bär is co-founder of wobe-systems GmbH. He is the main link between worldwide customers and product development. By coordinating feature request and juggling requirements he designs automation solutions together with customers to make their visions a reality.

The core devopsdays organizer group

The global core organizers support local teams.