Automated Testing of Embedded Systems

Manual testing of Embedded Systems is an expensive and time consuming process, always carrying risks due to the possibility of human error. By automating the testing process these problems can be effectively addressed. Whilst there are still small elements of testing which still need to be done manually, most can be achieved automatically. This, over the time, will reduce cost, time and effort involved, as well as increasing the reliability of the target system in question. The process can also be used to check the compatibility of updates und upgrades. I will be presenting examples of automated testing already in use in the railway industry (warning systems, which protect human life) and will be presenting a way for the use in other systems.



Axel Giernas

Axel Giernas has been working since 2013 on the development of the complex software systems which protect human life at track work sites. Starting as a software developer for embedded systems, he ...