DevOps - An Umbrella term for business evolution

What is DevOps? The first time I heard that term was as the name of a conference “DevOpsDays”, in 2015. Intuitively, the first thing I did was to google it up. A lot of definitions appeared for that term: “DevOps = Development & Operations working together”. Wikipedia says it “is a software engineering practice that aims at unifying software development and software operation”. But it turns out it goes a lot beyond that. Some say it's a culture, a movement, a philosophy, a set of practices, a set of techniques and tools, a working model, a transformation, a change. I would say it is all that. I even dare to go further and name DevOps an “Umbrella term” that gathers all of that. An umbrella term for all those factors that, at the end of the day, will bring any IT business forward. An umbrella term for business evolution. After diving myself into many sources of information: books, blogs, meetUps and conferences, and at the same time gathering some experiences in the department I work at Kuehne + Nagel with continuous delivery practices, and witnessing how a “DevOps” wave started spreading in general in the company, I came to that conclusion. In my opinion, there is no “DevOps” goal. The journey itself is the goal. In this presentation I want to share with the audience why I came to that conclusion and give my personal takeaways for a starting point, whenever a “DevOps” journey is to be started.



Daiany Palacios

Daiany works at Kuehne + Nagel for the KN FreightNet project in Hamburg since 2011. Originally from Venezuela, I joined the company as a software developer but now I am a requirements engineer, ...