Looking at a DevOps transformation from a test team perspective

Agile and lean development approaches as well as DevOps often allude to the term called “whole team approach”, putting all the responsibilities inside the project team. For the classical software tester this usually implies being part of a project team instead of working in a quality assurance department. Being a member of a test center I witnessed first-hand the different drivers and directions of movement that have been pushing and pulling our department over the last three years during a still ongoing agile transformation. Within this talk, I would like to take you with me on the journey of our test team and share with you my testing viewpoint on and the experience gained from the agile transformation. In addition to describing the evolution from being “gatekeepers of quality” towards “test enabler and supporter” and sketching some technical solutions along this way, I will take a position to why it is so reasonable, at least in our organizational context, to still have a separate test center.



Felix Elliger

While studying IT Systems Engineering at Hasso Plattner Insitute in Potsdam, I started working as a research engineer in 2009. After finishing my master’s degree in 2011, I became a software ...