DevOps for COTS Integration in the US Federal Government

Agile and DevOps are software engineering methodologies that is largely used for software development not so much for COTS integration. This Presentation describes an innovative approach to DevOps used to build a large scale enterprise level messaging solution for the Department of Veteran Affairs and the lessons learned in the process. In essence, an ESB is an architectural pattern that provides for loose coupled integration. It is unique and encompassing in its ability to incorporate any organizations’ legacy systems, point-to-point messaging systems, as well as newer commercial off the-shelf (COTS)-based solutions. An ESB links people, processes and information providing better alignment between IT and business goals. Through the years, our government customer and its various administrations have created multiple IT infrastructures to support a large number of services and functions. Our Approach to messaging across an ESB is particularly innovative by creating a unique messaging environment through the use of continuous integration technologies and DevOpps along with standardization to enhance reuse and reduce the speed and complexity of message integrations. Knowing and applying these types of best practices in integration and infrastructure architecture are critical when solving complex system integration challenges. Our presentation will describe the approach used along with the lessons learned in the process.



Geetika Tandon

Geetika Tandon is a Principal, SA at CSRA Inc, a technology consulting firm headquartered in the United States. Geetika holds a Bachelors in Architecture from Delhi University, India and a double ...