How telemetry can be your best friend

Pretty much everyone use telemetry in software systems today – to understand where things break down, where performance or load are issues and if our components are working as expected. But this is just a fraction of what you can do with telemetry. Telemetry can help you understand why the adoption of your new ‘market breaking’ feature is not as expected, it can become a critical business tool to gather information about how to provide the most value to your users and how to make minimum viable products successful. With the help of a bit of artificial intelligence it can even prevent outages or explain sudden load surges so that you can plan in advance. This session is all about this: how telemetry helps the business, and how it can really become a major player for your development teams.



Matteo Emili

Matteo Emili is a Microsoft MVP since 2010 and works for One Identity as an Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps advisor. He is passionate about technology, but it is not his only interest – ...