How to leverage AWS features to secure and centrally monitor your accounts

Security and AWS! Reports and alerts are useless if no one is fixing the issues found. Learn how The Guardian leveraged AWS tools to secure and centrally monitor multiple AWS accounts, then set out to inform and empower our engineering teams to adopt better security practices.

Good feedback is specific, timely and actionable, therefore Guardian Digital decided to distill and centralise the information coming from AWS. Discover how to get started with AWS StackSets, Trusted Advisor and Inspector, the benefits and pitfalls of these tools and why Guardian Digital decided to integrate them into a single application.

This talk will give attendees ways to increase the security of their AWS accounts, the visibility of potential security issues, encourage knowledge sharing across teams, and promote tooling adoption… All without requiring anyone to read the AWS documentation!



Kate Whalen


Kate has been breaking and fixing things at the Guardian all across the stack for the last two years. After developing a tragic love of GDPR, she spent the last six months focused on data security and