Collaborating and Containing Chaos (Keynote)

Are you having trouble getting applications delivered effectively and with velocity? Or maybe having production issues that cause frustration across all lines of business (development, operations, customer success, sales)? Are your customers getting increasingly frustrated with your product performance, availability and slow feature growth? You might wonder where to start and how to contain the chaos, collaborate across team boundaries, and put business needs first. And, you might be thinking that this “DevOps thing” is something that you need to sell to business executives who don’t want to think about technology details. Well, I’ve been there and so has SPS Commerce. The problems may look daunting, but you can bring DevOps principles to your enterprise.



Amy Patton

Amy Patton is the vice president of technology operations at SPS Commerce, where she oversees technology infrastructure and operations for the retail industry’s largest network of more than 75,000 ...