From Corn Tortillas to APIs: Microservices as Taco Bell Ingredients

Let’s dive deep into the guacamole rabbit hole of why we should be thinking about Taco Bell as our inspiration when building our microservices. Who else does such gastronomical acrobatics with such few ingredients?

As we continue down the route of microservices, containers, serverless and more, we need to remember and build on the premise that our microservices need to be just that: services that perform a small and specific function. They need to be easily called, used, interacted with, and integrated into new and unique implementations with minimal overhead.

When we think about how we combine all of these ingredients to create new and innovative products, our limits can be endless.



Nick TenBrink

Minneapolis based maker, hacker, DevOps cat herder, SRE evangelist. Spends just as much time delving into antiquated tech as much as the modern.