Real-time Reactive Amazon EC2 Automation With Mgmtconfig

Learn how mgmt reacts to state change events from managed EC2 instances in real time. See behind the scenes, find out how resources are implemented, and see how mgmt can help you provision, monitor and protect your critical infrastructure.

This presentation will focus on the AWS:EC2 resource in mgmt. Attendees will learn how mgmt implements reactive, distributed real-time management with real-world examples taken from the AWS:EC2 resource. By tracing the development process, we will explore the design and implementation of the resource, and some challenges encountered along the way. The audience will leave with a sense of how mgmt’s resources work, and how to go about implementing their own. There will also be several live demos, showing how to the finished resource works, and how it reacts to changes in the environment.


Jonathan Gold

Jonathan is a programmer from Montreal, Canada. He has a decade of experience in IT, has moonlit as a magician and has a potentially unhealthy relationship with hummus. He is a die-hard dev-ops ...