Security Considerations for Containers as a Service (CaaS) and Serverless Architectures

The advance toward more managed and abstracted Cloud Native deployments is reducing the ability to provide security in the traditional way. Controls of hosts, networks and administrators are no longer relevant. So what is left? See how to provide security and compliance in these deployments.

While many organizations are still in the early stages of deploying containers in production, the technology continues to evolve. Recent introductions such as AWS Fargate, Microsoft ACI and serverless approaches like AWS Lambda are now reaching the market, bringing both an opportunity for more flexible deployment and a need for updated security models. This session will provide an overview of these architectures, key considerations when choosing which solution is best for a given application, and the unique challenges they present in protecting microservices built on these emerging platforms.


Tsvi Korren

I am a 20-year security professional, and worked with many organizations (companies and public) to secure application deployments. My interests are organizational. I believe that security can improve ...