Daniel Koffler

With over 30 years of hands-on experience, Daniel has watched the technology industry go through several evolutions and revolutions. As an early cloud adopter and evangelist, he fondly remembers the days when the only publicly available cloud service was SQS and the only interface to any cloud service was via API or CLI.

As a founding partner and CTO of CloudOps, Daniel embraced the transition from pets to cattle and helped our clients do the same. In the years since, Daniel has helped political parties, national law enforcement agencies, medium and large enterprises and startups take advantage of emerging technologies and new management paradigms such as DevOps.

Following the sale of his last startup, Hybrid Cloud Gateway, Daniel took the position as CTO of Rio Tinto Alcan, a global leader in aluminum mining and production where he was responsible for technology strategy for both back office IT and production operations (OT). Daniel was also responsible for Rio Tinto’s global operations emerging technology program and innovation lab.

As Chief Digital Architect at Hatch, Daniel is responsible for building a next generation industrial operations management platform that helps embed Agile and DevOps principles in heavy industry settings.

Daniel Koffler at Montreal 2018

Daniel Koffler