DevOps for Adults: Live Cooking Show

In this session we will interactively go through a holistic Continuous Delivery pipeline with the use of DevOps enabler tools, based on Cloud, microservices and container technologies. We'll package a Java EE web application. Its development versions will be inspected and promoted towards production environment in the Cloud. Jenkins 2 with its native delivery pipeline features will serve as the major backbone of our DevOps toolchain glueing together other tools of the overall ecosystem. This session discusses DevOps concepts, and shows tools in action, to address common challenges along the way, in order to deliver changes to production, fast and in good quality. Happy cooking!



Michael Huettermann

Michael works as a Principal DevOps Consultant supporting projects on their way to implement DevOps. He has written a couple of books including “DevOps for Developers” and “Agile ALM”.