Should a developer have access to the code? Pushing a bank from old-school to bleeding edge..

Do you like coding on your laptop, pushing the code to git and getting it automatically built and deployed? What if you were told you can’t, got a Windows 7 x32 machine and was hired to transform the bank into a tech platform?

In this talk we’ll describe main technical challenges we have faced during DNB’s journey to the cloud. You will hear about synchronising user management systems across a service mesh, VPNing to your bank when in bank, replacing absurdly obsolete solutions with industry standards and revisiting industry standards to see if they are smart enough.

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Marek Piątek

Marek is a technical lead in the Cloud team at DNB. He is trying to help the largest financial institution in Norway to design/develop modern and secure cloud platform.gosia-krupa

Gosia Krupa

DevOps engineer @ DNB

CI/CD guild lead at DNB