The Visma Cloud Delivery Model - 3 years and 40 teams later

Over the past 3 years, Visma has worked systematically to radically improve how we develop, deliver and operate our cloud services. Our work has centered around creating, continuously improving, and adopting a “Visma Cloud Delivery Model” which is based on the principles of Continuous Delivery, DevOps and the use of public cloud.

By onboarding 40 teams to this model, we have gone from working in a fairly siloed way to having autonomous teams with much broader responsibilities. We have also gone from an average of 6 releases per year per service, to an average of 6 releases per month per service.

This talk will summarize our approach, our experiences, and the results so far.



T. Alexander Lystad

Chief Cloud Architect, Visma Enterprise

T. Alexander Lystad has been with Visma for 5 years, working to adopt and extract value from Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Public Cloud.