Diversity makes a difference

We live in a deeply connected world. Technology impacts our everyday life in many ways. However, the solutions we create do not always reflect our society and the world we live in. We have problems in the tech industry. Let's take a look at the lack of diversity in our communities and how diversity will help us to solve our problems and meet the needs of our society



Tannaz N. Roshandel

Tannaz is a head engineer at the University of Oslo, where she works on an open source cloud platform for research and education. In her spare time Tannaz is the deputy chairwoman at javaBin - ...line-moseng

Line Moseng

Line is working for NAV, developing a Kubernetes based, open source platform, nais.io. She has been volunteering for the Norwegian initiative to teach kids programming (Lær Kidsa Koding) since 2013, ...