Psychological Safety and DevOps

Have you ever been in a meeting and had a question you didn't know if it was okay to ask? I mean, nobody else is asking the question, so you assume you should know… and the meeting silently marches on.

Those moments reflect how safe someone feels in their group to take a risk. That question could have opened tremendous insight (or failure), if only it were asked. In this ignite talk we're going to look at the single most significant contributor to team effectiveness: psychological safety, and the role it plays within DevOps-enabled organizations. You'll walk away from this talk having learned three steps to create a psychological safety workplace, and lay the groundwork for a true DevOps culture.



Matt Westgate


Matt Westgate is Lullabot's CEO. Matt graduated from Iowa State University in Computer-Mediated Technologies, a degree program he built from the ground up to focus on the emerging field of web