Cultural Legos: Self-Reinforcing Practices for Experimentation, Quality, and Delivery

Ready to spend your Mondays doing something other than fixing what went wrong in the big release over the weekend? Not moving forward because of analysis paralysis? Tired of having work thrown over the wall? Three months into a 12-month project, and everyone expects there's another 18 months to go? Your DevOps efforts may be off to a rocky start. No single change will solve all of these problems. Frequent delivery, automation, team ownership, experimentation, small iterations, and tolerance for failure all combine to form a set of cultural practices that reinforce each other, allowing for accelerated delivery of product value. In this talk, Andy discusses using these practices to build an organization that works sane hours, deploys tens of thousands of times a year, and builds quality into everything we do.



Andy Lowe

As a developer and product manager with nearly two decades experience in multiple industries, Andy has built some really cool products (and some others). Along the way, he developed a strong interest ...